The clubs are an attempt to develop the personality & character of students. A range of club activities are provided to suit the different age group of the students. This helps to encourage our students to pursue areas of personal interest.


National Cadet Corps is one of the largest organization in India for the youth which conducts many activities like Camping, Trekking, Cultural Programmes, Firing and other activities.

The NCC wing of our school has been raising the banner of Holy Cross higher and higher every year. The training programme of NCC helps cadets to build up self-reliance, resourcefulness. We are troop No: 151 comprising of 100 cadets. 52 first year and 48 second year cadets.

Our motto is “Unity and discipline” which we always follow. Parades are conducted twice a week, which starts at 4.30 pm and continues till 6 pm. Each NCC cadet should attend atleast one camp during her two years of training.

The following cadets had the rare privilege of attending the Republic Day Celebration at New Delhi and bringing honour to the institution with their Best Cadets awards, rewards, medals and scholarships:

1 Sgt. Pavithra Varadharajan Jan 1996 Best Cadet
2 Sgt. Sabitha Sageer Jan 2002 Second Best Cadet
3 Sgt. Infanta Decy. J.A Jan 2003 Best Cadet(IGC)
4 Sgt. Suganya.E Jan 2005 Cherry Blossom Award(IGC)
5 Sgt. Shruthi Sankari Jan 2009 Best Cadet & Silver Medal in All India Level
6 Sgt. K.R. Iswarya Jan 2010 Best Cadet
7 Sgt. Muthu Roshini Jan 2011 Best Cadet
8 Sgt. Iswarya Bai Jan 2012 Best Cadet
9 Sgt. Sangeetha. A Jan 2012 Best Cadet

The Tal Sainic Camp which is meant for the best shooter at school level had been achieved by the following cadets:

1 Sgt. Amali Infanteena October 1999
2 Sgt. Evelyn Edeth Noronah October 2004
3 Sgt. Joe Sanya Lopez October 2012
4 Sgt. Preetha. A October 2013

Our sub-unit functions smoothly with the encouragement of the Headmistress and enthusiastic cooperation of the staff, parents and cadets.


Visit to Vilathikulam – September 6th
Visit to Leprosorium – December 6th

Junior Red Cross

“Man was not born for himself but for his country.”

The JRC wing of our school functions with the utmost enthusiasm of the children and the teachers. It taps the vibrancy of youth and channelizes their energy in a positive direction.

The mission of JRC is to inspire, encourage and initiate at all times, all forms of humanitarian activities. This has been designed to involve students as much as possible in all activities of JRC.


Geneva Convention Day – August 23rd
Visit to Jothi nagar - December 6th

Eco Club

Eco Club has been working tirelessly to add up its contribution to improve the challenging environmental conditions. The club members along with their co-coordinators have undertaken various environmental friendly activities like tree plantation, awareness campaigns, seminars etc.

Our young ambassadors follow small steps and also help others to follow the small steps of conservation for a better and brighter tomorrow.


Awareness on Eco System – November 26th


The purpose of this club is to contribute to the development of young pupils in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials as individuals and as responsible citizens.


Visit to Adaikalapuram – December 14th
Road Safety Week - January 20th

Red Ribbon Club

“Prevention is better than cure.”

RRC ensures and creates among the youth a cadre of peer educational for seeking and encouraging positive health behaviour. RRC educates them with correct and adequate information and heightens their level of awareness about HIV/AIDS sexuality and other related issues and helps them identify and understand situations of exploitation and abuse.


Life Skill Training and Education – November 25th