Courses Offered

Holy Cross A.I. Hr. Sec. School has programmed a diverse and specialized curriculum which helps the child to develop critical thinking and problem-solving.

The Primary School (Classes I to V)

The primary school is a dynamic environment in which we see significant development in the child. These are the Foundation Years, during which students are introduced to early linguistic and arithmetic basics, scope for creative play and expression and physical fitness which are crucial steps in building childhood competencies.

As students move through- we begin to introduce them progressively to the world of integrated knowledge, which particularly strengthens their aptitudes in the course studies of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science. This is the time of multidimensional learning. A wide range of classroom activities are used as stimuli for reading and writing.

Students are introduced to the world of computers, appreciating that computer literacy is essential in the modern world.

Middle School (Classes VI to VIII)

Students next enter the middle school, a critical period in education. Life really comes alive with this vivacious, confused, boisterous and intelligent group of students belonging to Classes VI, VII and VIII.

Middle school students are ready to tackle deeper and more discrete subjects with an array of specialist teachers. These years are also good time to learn the discipline and skills of preparing for tests and examinations. Students are taught to handle term portions, to gradually get trained to appear for the Board Examinations.

Secondary school (Classes IX and X)

Students are encouraged and motivated to become increasingly independent learners with an interest in setting personal academic goals. We seek to reinforce the qualities like building self-esteem, self-respect and the courage to explore. Students are prepared to take off to the 10th Standard where they face significant board exams. They are made confident to handle and become part-takers to run the race in high spirits and determination.

Senior Secondary (Classes XI and XII)

Compulsory Subjects Group I Group II
English Mathematics Commerce
First Language – Tamil / French Physics Economics
  Chemistry Accountancy
  Biology / Computer Science Business Maths / Computer Science

The teaching – learning environment at the secondary and the senior secondary levels are aimed at helping our out-going students access the best universities and learning institutions in India and across the globe. We offer a range and combination of courses that are balanced: a blend of Science, Mathematics and Humanities.

The learning experience is so designed as to allow our students pursue those subjects that will satisfy any and all university entrance requirements including engineering, medicine, law and other professions.

It is our strong belief that students who complete our programmes will be academically prepared to embrace the brilliant opportunities of the new century.