Educational Facilities

Knowledge Centre

A Knowledge Centre has also been created to help the teachers with the resource material to adapt to their distinctive needs and style. Altogether it has made the teaching and learning a lot of less stereotyped and a lot more fun.


In collaboration with Edu-Comp, a leading service provider, a state of-the-art Smart Class Programme has been introduced, for classes 1 to 5. The Smart Class Programme has turned the abstract into concrete; it is mind stimulating and has helped in improving concentration, comprehension.

LMS – Learning Management System


Academic and technological agility have become necessary characteristics of 21st century educational institutions. LMS has enhanced and facilitated teaching-learning. It is effectively used by classes 6 to 12. LMS helps teachers to carve out their own designs and publish their work and thereby creating the happiest learners on Earth.


We have a well-qualified faculty to render counselling to our children and their parents to take care of their emotional and psychological needs.