headgirl-img Rev. Sr. J. Maria Sironmani


There was a man who made a living selling balloons at a fair. He had all colours of balloons including red, yellow, blue and green. Whenever business was slow, he would release a helium filled balloon into the air and when the children saw it go up, they all wanted to buy one. They could come up to him, buying a balloon and his sales would go up again. He continued this process all day.

One day, he felt someone tugging at his jacket. He turned around and saw a little boy who asked, "If you release a black balloon, would that also fly?" Moved by the boy’s concern, the man replied with empathy, "Son, it is what is inside that makes it go up."

Yes, there is an inner power within each one of us that forms the most essential ingredient of life. We can make a conscious effort to align our inner power everyday in the following ways.

Physically – Pay attention to how you are spending your time? What type of people do you interact with? Are you taking consistent physical steps that reflect the goal of life?

Emotionally – Negative emotions eat up our inner power. So don’t allow the day to be scattered with emotions such as depression, loneliness, anger, regret etc.

Mentally – Visualize your thoughts and send a signal to the universe telling this force what you desire.

Spiritually – This power goes beyond everything else. Silent prayer is the most suggested path towards this.

As you line up the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of your life with what you want to do, your inner power becomes a phenomenal force to achieve what you desire. You are powerful. Take immediate steps today to harness this power as if your life depends on them, because in all reality it does.

headgirl-imgRev. Sr. Nirmala Juliana


"We cannot always build a future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future". - Franklin Roosevelt

Holy Cross Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School, an esteemed institution that caters to the pupil community to make the good God known and loved in an atmosphere of spiritual, friendly and academic excellence present to you the proof of our Herculean effort. Holy Cross has been evolving slowly and steadily through a period of 110 years with respect to its curriculum, infrastructure, teaching methodology, evaluation techniques, role of parent-student activities, student-teacher rapport and several other related matters.

At our Alma Mater, our wards are given the wisdom and inspiration they need, to be responsible leaders who understand that power flows through them and not from them. Our school aims at building relationships, developing common concerns, breaking differences of colour, caste, religion and language. The facilitators in our institution are engaged in the noble mission of building a society of justice, love and relationship.

Our school always keeps bustling with a variety of activities throughout the year. The presence of almost 2000 students spontaneously reflects tremendous amount of zest and zeal in our campus. We do not restrict in spreading of knowledge only through means of books. The extent of its activities includes the all-round formation of its wards and hence naturally gets various extra-curricular activities like Yoga, Skating, Bharathanatyam etc., involved in its curriculum. Many of our alumni have migrated all over the world and hold position of importance and have reputed achievement in the respective careers. True to the values inculcated in them by their Alma Mater, they face life with courage and conviction.

The school campus comprises of classrooms, staffrooms, office rooms, prayer room, auditorium, library, Maths and Computer Science Laboratories, Knowledge centre, Dining hall, Basket ball and volley ball courts and a shuttle court which is in the verge of completion.

As academicians in this fast changing world, we aim to build a better community where the Kingdom values are restored.