All great works of God have humble beginnings and so too the Holy Cross Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School, like the mustard seed of the Gospel, sprouted and grew slowly but surely. Today it is a mighty tree with innumerable birds nesting in its branches.

Our history began on a bright day, the 10th of August, 1904, when four valiant French Women, in the white habit of the Sisters of the Cross - Sisters Julie, Colette, Mary Francois and Josephine, our noble and indefatigable pioneers, raised their hearts in praise and thanks giving to God, who through His Church had entrusted to them the task of founding the Holy Cross European School At Tuticorin.

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As our chronicles show the school has maintained a high academic excellence from the very outset. The students received an all round training, under able Headmistress like

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With the departure of the European children, the school came to be known as the Holy Cross Anglo-Indian School. Several thousands, in various walks of life, have passed through the portals of this school and looking back, can proudly say,

“Next to God and my Parents, this school has made me what I am”