We offer our students the opportunity to acquire a deep conceptual understanding of fundamental science. The labs are well-furnished, up-to-date and perfectly maintained.

Physics Lab

Students understand the complex structure of physics through the experimental evidence and various devices.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry is the study of matter and its interaction with other matter and energy. Students create a love for the subject, as they learn about the various chemical reactions in our lab.

Biology Lab

Our Biology lab has an array of specimens displayed and the various slides and other equipments to help students learn through the method of scientific investigation.

Computer Science Lab

Use of technology is an integral part of teaching-learning process. Our school proudly owns a completely air-conditioned computer lab, and using latest versions of Operating System and other software. Computer lessons in our school aim to inculcate in children to learn & acquire IT skills and utilize Technology more effectively.

Maths Lab

Maths Lab helps the students to understand abstract concepts through designed activities using manipulative 2D & 3D models, Board Games, Mind Games etc., which makes math learning easy and enjoyable.