Rules & Regulations

1. Conduct and decorum:

The school expects every student to maintain proper decorum and good behaviour at all times, to keep the high tone of the school. Bad language, bullying and disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated. Students against whom there are repeated complaints or who are unable or unwilling to benefit from the system of education are liable for suspension or expulsion.

2. Regularity and punctuality:

  • School begins at 8.45 a.m. and closes at 4.10 p.m.
  • Students must be in school before 8.40 a.m.

3. Payment of Fees:

  • Fees shall be paid quarterly at the school Accounts section on the dates specified. No pupil will be allowed to sit for an examination if fees are in arrears. Late payment will attract a penalty.
  • Fees will be collected only on working days from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon, excluding Saturdays.
  • Fee card must be produced at the time of payment.

4. School Uniform:

  • The school uniform is a sacred and prized possession of a student. It symbolizes the ethos and culture of the school, of which the student is an integral part. Any violation of its sanctity calls for firm disciplinary action. Visit to restaurants, cinema, multiplexes other public places etc. in school uniform is a serious breach of discipline inviting action.
  • The length of pinafore should be two inches below the knee. The pattern of the uniform should be followed very strictly. White ribbon, White socks and black shoes are to be worn daily.
  • Students are expected to come to school in the prescribed uniform and to be smartly groomed.
  • Wearing slippers to school is strictly forbidden. Black Sandals should be worn only on rainy days.

5. Personal Appearance:

Students’ hair should always be neatly groomed and tied. Any kind of make-up, nail polish, applying mehendi is not allowed. Colouring of hair, inappropriate hair-styling and body tattoes are not permissible. Eye make-up, fancy hair clips and ear-rings are strictly prohibited.

6. Admission:

The father or guardian should accompany the child for admission. Original Birth Certificate, T.C and the Community certificate must be produced at the time of admission

7. Withdrawal:

  • Application for a transfer certificate should be made in writing by the parent, two days in advance after paying all fees due to the school. If a student wishes to apply for the Transfer Certificate during the academic year, the full year’s fees will have to be remitted.
  • No T.C. will be issued before the promotion results are announced

8. Examinations and Promotions:

  • Students absent from examinations without grave reason will be considered as failed.
  • Malpractices in examination will be viewed seriously. Offenders will be marked zero and they are likely to be suspended/ expelled
  • No recommendations of any sort will be taken into account for promotion. Hard work throughout the year is the only criterion.
  • A student who has to repeat the class for a third year will have to leave the school.

9. Attendance and Leave of Absence:

  • Written application for leave of absence must be sent to the class teachers, before availing leave.
  • Students will not be given leave for various functions and ceremonies.
  • Prior permission should be obtained for more than two days of absence.
  • Habitual late coming and habitual absence will result in dismissal.

10. School diary/calendar/reports:

  • Every pupil must possess a copy of the school diary which must be brought daily to school.
  • Parents should examine the calendar daily, sign any remark made by the teachers or the Headmistress and make sure that the home-work is completed.
  • Reports on progress, application and conduct will be issued periodically. Parents are requested to sign these and return them to the concerned teachers.

11. Parental Interference:

  • Parents are not allowed to see the children or interview teachers during school hours. In exceptional cases and in emergencies they may visit their wards after obtaining permission from the Headmistress.
  • Parents are expected to attend all Parent-Teacher Meetings and collect the report cards without fail.

12. Contraband Items:

  • Students are strictly forbidden to bring objectionable books, newspapers, periodicals and cell phones into the school.
  • Children using mobile phones or found signing into social network will be penalised and the gadgets will be confiscated.

13. General rules:

  • Pupils must take care of their belongings and avoid bringing expensive watches, pens and valuables to school. The school will not be responsible for the loss of articles.
  • Once students enter the campus they should not leave the premises during school hours, without the permission of the Headmistress.
  • Private tuition is discouraged and the teachers are not permitted to tutor students of the school without permission.
  • No student will be exempted from physical exercise and games.
  • Parents are requested to send their children neat and clean to school, in full uniform and always in time.
  • Any destruction or defacing of the school property will not be tolerated and must be made good by those responsible.
  • Breakage in the laboratories and loss of books in the library must be compensated/replaced.