School System

Learners today... Leaders tomorrow...

  Education is the mother of Leadership

Pupil leadership is pivoted to the Holy Cross A.I.Hr.Sec.School ethos. It is the most important element of the school framework. The programme is designed to build up confidence & public speaking, organisational independence, team leading skills and encourage pupils to take the lead in advocating sustainability of the school and the community which will undoubtedly help them in later life.

The ethics of leadership in our school is

  • Enterprising
  • Engaging
  • Evolving
  • From Good to Great
Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other
- John F. Kennedy

School Pupil Leaders

The Supreme quality of leadership is integrity. A pupil with integrity and vision is elected as a leader.

  • School Pupil Leader - Zilla Elizabeth Noronha from Std XII
  • Assistant School Pupil Leader - Bala Nimisha. K from Std XI
  • The Junior School Pupil Leader - Britny from Std V
  • Assistant Junior School Pupil Leader - Raghavi .S from Std V
  • School Pupil Leader (Boys) - Jolic from Std V

House System

The children are grouped under 4 houses.

Each house has its own prefects who consider it as a huge honour and responsibility to lead everyone.

  • Red House Captain - Fraso .J
  • Blue House Captain - Priyadharshini
  • Green House Captain - Arocika Barvina .P
  • Yellow House Captain - Christina Michael

The School Parliament

The school Senate – Student’s Parliament enables students to play a key role in the maintenance of the school. It takes on the responsibility to represent their fellow students and fulfil a leadership role in school.

The various port folios are:


Sports Captains

Initiative, Reliability, Commitment and Positive attitude are the expectations from the sports leaders. The students who fit in this are chosen as the sports captains.

  • School Games Captain - N.Laura from Std XII
  • Assistant School Games Captain - S.E.Kapha Rhenie from Std XI.

The young leaders make the leadership pledge in taking forward their role, responsibility over the coming months

As a team, they are enthused to work towards keeping Holy Cross, the diverse, competitive and passionate workplace that it is.