Value Education

Value Education is the `training of the heart'. The values that are pursued in the moral and spiritual realm are:

Sincerity, faithfulness, obedience to what one conceives to be the highest, gratitude, honesty, benevolence, generosity, cheerfulness, selflessness, freedom from egoism, equanimity in joy and suffering, in honour and dishonour, success and failure, pursuit of the deepest and the highest of the absolute and ultimate and the progressive expression of this pursuit in thought, feeling and action.

Eucharistic celebration

Catholics must believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, celebrate the liturgy with devotion and live in a way that demonstrates their faith. - Pope Benedict XVI

Being a Christian institution it is our prime responsibility to increase the love and devotion for Jesus Christ present in the Eucharist. Every month, the Christian children participate in the Eucharistic Celebration held in our school chapel.


Moral education


When we actively engage with values we start to understand their implications for making choices about our attitudes and responses. Moral Science classes encourage reflective and aspirational attributes and attitudes. These can be nurtured to help people discover the very best of themselves, which enables them to be good citizens and prepare them for the life of work.


The students in our school are ensured with spiritual development through catechism classes, retreats, way of the cross and regular confessions. Catechism lessons are given to lead the children in the doctrine which is after godliness, to be instructed in the Word of God and in the Confessions of Faith. They also receive Information on the lives and spirituality of various saints.




Times of extended retreat give us a chance to come home to ourselves in God's presence and to bring the realities of our life to God . This is important for us and for those we serve.... On retreat we rest in God and wait on him to do what is needed.

The hope for our retreat programme is that it will help students:

  • To get to know and understand themselves better, and to themselves appreciate more
  • To see better how to get on with other people in their life, and to improve this
  • To appreciate more the place of God in our world and in their life.

Spiritual Retreats are an integral part of our institution. The christian students participate in the annual retreat held in our school every year and return to the battle of life with fresh energy and keener insight.

Various enriching and useful Seminars and Workshops were conducted for the staff, parents and students.

Orientation for teachers – June 15th Seminar on Time & Stress Management – July 29th Workshop on Savings – August 20th Seminar for Parents – September 20th Seminar on Adolescent Education – January 22 & 23rd