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The school library provides a very conducive atmosphere for reading & learning. The library is well-equipped with more than 10,800 books, mainly comprised of text books, encyclopedias, fictions, novels, religious books, periodicals and reference books catering to the needs of the faculty and students. It is accommodated in a well furnished ancient hall, well lit and ventilated.


The Auditorium briefs a rich new perspective to the exciting, expanding, evolving world of education at Holy Cross. It has state of-the-art infrastructure, back-up power, superior acoustics and the latest technology for sound & light effects required to conduct any kind of performance - dance, music or theatre. The sound proof auditorium lasts numerous events including SLAs, award functions, interschool & intra school competitions, plays and other functions to name just a few.

Audio Visual Room

The AV room supports teachers by supplying equipment & expertise. We have an AV Room where students learn better through videography. Presentations related to Geography, History, Language, Maths, G.K and other value based programmes are made easy to grasp.

Lunch Hall

Meal times are happy times at our school. The lunch hall in our school is more spacious and user friendly for all the children to sit together and share meals.

Safety Measures

"Children's Safety - Our top priority"

Fire Safety

Our school ensures fire safety precautions within the school campus. Fire risk assessments are kept up-to-date.

Medical Check-up

Regular medical check-ups are conducted for all classes to educate and encourage children about healthy life style.

Drinking Water

The school has installed RO system in different blocks to provide fresh and hygienic drinking water for all the students in the campus.

Power Supply

The school is also equipped with stand-by generators for uninterrupted power supply.

Security System

To maintain strict vigil and for the safety of the students CCTV’s and manual security system is installed in the school.


Holy Cross Boarding (only for Anglo-Indians) is a home in the school campus and the boarders feel proud to be a part of it, enjoying all the facilities of a comfortable home.


We offer our students the opportunity to acquire a deep conceptual understanding of fundamental science. The labs are well-furnished, up-to-date and perfectly maintained.

Physics Lab

Students understand the complex structure of physics through the experimental evidence and various devices.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry is the study of matter and its interaction with other matter and energy. Students create a love for the subject, as they learn about the various chemical reactions in our lab.

Biology Lab

Our Biology lab has an array of specimens displayed and the various slides and other equipments to help students learn through the method of scientific investigation.

Computer Science Lab

Use of technology is an integral part of teaching-learning process. Our school proudly owns a completely air-conditioned computer lab, and using latest versions of Operating System and other software. Computer lessons in our school aim to inculcate in children to learn & acquire IT skills and utilize Technology more effectively.

Maths Lab

Maths Lab helps the students to understand abstract concepts through designed activities using manipulative 2D & 3D models, Board Games, Mind Games etc., which makes math learning easy and enjoyable.

Knowledge Centre

A Knowledge Centre has also been created to help the teachers with the resource material to adapt to their distinctive needs and style. Altogether it has made the teaching and learning a lot of less stereotyped and a lot more fun.


In collaboration with Edu-Comp, a leading service provider, a state of-the-art Smart Class Programme has been introduced, for classes 1 to 5. The Smart Class Programme has turned the abstract into concrete; it is mind stimulating and has helped in improving concentration, comprehension.

LMS – Learning Management System

Academic and technological agility have become necessary characteristics of 21st century educational institutions. LMS has enhanced and facilitated teaching-learning. It is effectively used by classes 6 to 12. LMS helps teachers to carve out their own designs and publish their work and thereby creating the happiest learners on Earth.


We have a well-qualified faculty to render counselling to our children and their parents to take care of their emotional and psychological needs.


The school offers a playground with a beautiful infrastructure for the physical development of every child by providing variety of sporting disciplines.